As you all know I am constantly on The Great Discontent reading about artist and such. Well, they are updating an interview they had with Elle Luna. She is an amazing artist based out of San Francisco, whom dropped everything bought a white walled studio and is painting full time! She is involved in several projects and one is coming up that we all can participate in. She is working with the Museum of Modern Art to encourage artists to do work for 100 days. The artist gets to choose their subject and medium they just need to commit to repeating their work for 100 days. (For example Elle did 100 days of self portraits.) The goal is to get the artist to show up for the work and do the work and over time their skills will be enhanced. You can participate by documenting your work on social media using the #MoMA100Days and creating your own unique # that has to do with your work and that can be found in one place.

You can download the above images here (blue, green, red) to post them to your social media to tell others and to get started!

Here is the full article with all the details.

This is a great project for those of us that have graduated (may encourage some much needed motivation) and those of us still on campus who need a little nudge (you know who you are).

So check out the interview this will begin April 6, 2015. I hope that you all join I look forward to seeing some great work!

40 of Elle Luna's #100selfportraits

41 of Elle Luna’s #100selfportraits


*photos and info from The Great Discontent*

Extra Lives Exhibit


You all have probably been wondering what is up in the gallery. Well, Knut has put together a collection of game designers/artists that focus on creating games that teach. Artists featured include Markus Hammerstedt, Elizabeth Keegan and Julia Detar. The works include how to make a game by using a video game along with other education topics such as the circle of life. So, why is this an art exhibition? Knut feels that there is art in gaming; the interaction with the audience and what from that interaction can be taken beyond the game. When asked why he is featuring this art form in the gallery, he stated because it had not been done before. I highly encourage you all take a look and put some thought into the art of our surroundings and experiences.  Look out for the brownbag that will be featuring one of the artists.


Press Release: Extra Lives is a group art show of four various game designers/Artists who deal with education. The show can be viewed or played at the Gallery in the Fine Art Building. Elizabeth Keegan, John Clochesy, Julia Detar and Markus Hammarstedt are the artists/game designer that is showing.  There are three educational video games you can play with. ESmart, Play and Eat. Also, there is a video projection of two game animations that was created by Markus Hammarstedt.  There will be a Brown bag lecture coming up by Markus Hammarstedt. Who will be talking about his experience being the lead animator for Castle Wolfenstein and other Triple A games.


TAS Meeting Coming Up


Make sure to like TAS on Facebook and try to make it to the first meeting up this semester!


Internship Opportunity

If you follow the TAS Facebook then you should know that Harding recently posted this nifty opportunity:


Cris Worley Fine Arts Seeks Gallerry Inter! Spring 2015

Contact Nicole Norton 
: Dallas 
Visit Website

This position is part-time and unpaid, however students who are looking to receive course credit are welcome. The spring intern will work with gallery owner, Cris Worley and gallery assistant, Nicole Norton in the administration of the gallery. Duties will include: 
• Speaking with clients & visitors 
• Assisting with gallery events including opening receptions
• Managing & organizing inventory list
• Art handling
• Digitally photographing art & uploading images to server
• Misc. office administration

Preferred Qualifications:
• Current (or previous) major/minor in art history, studio art or related field
• Experience using Microsoft Word/Excel
• Experience using Photoshop preferred
• Availability to work 1-2 days a week & during evening events
• Candidates must present/conduct themselves in a professional manner

Please apply via email to Nicole Norton at nicole@crisworley.com with a short introductory letter and an attached resume. References may be requested after an initial interview. We are happy to answer any questions about duties and qualifications!

crisworley.com | 1845 Levee St, #110, Dallas, TX 75207 | 214.745.1415
Tuesday – Saturday from 11am – 5pm and by appointment.

As someone that has ventured out in the grand world outside of college I highly recommend taking on opportunities such as these. They may not pay in $ but you never know you just might meet the person that has more opportunities for you in the future. So, drop the excuses, update your resume and make your future happen!!


Student Opportunity: 500X Student Exhibition, deadline January 25th


You have less than a week to submit your work for this juried competition. Don’t miss out on having your work seen by local gallery owners, Jordan Roth and Susan Roth Romans. 

Student Opportunity: Tarleton Anthology 2015


Submit your creative work to Anthology: A Student Forum for Prose, Poetry, and the Visual Arts.


$350 in Editors’ Choice Awards

Deadline for the 2015 edition will be mid-February

A New Semester Begins


Hey there all you Art Stars (as Knut calls us) it is time for a new semester to begin! Hopefully you have dedicated some of your time off to your work as an artist. As for someone that has allowed the intense football season along with mild illness, oh, and the festivities of Christmas, put my creative mind on hold (not to mention my fitness regimen). It is time for us to get our stuff together. I have continued to listen to the podcast by Debbie Millman called Design Matters…..get your buns over and check this out. Along with securing my purchase of the next publication of The Great Discontent. I feel like these actions have cancelled out my lack of progress on my duties to the art world. However, we all know this is fictional. I recently dove into the book called The War of Art. Grant it, its a bit whimsy but it does offer a bold place in the world of creativity. This book discusses the fight artists have with creating and distractions that keep them from creating. I recommend picking it up!

I have a feeling that this semester is going to be an intense one. A few of us will be graduating. A few of us will be preparing to graduate later this year. Then there are the few of us just starting. Let’s make this our year! Our year to pick up our medium and allow our voices be heard!

Drop this gal a line if you know of something interesting coming up or if you just have a tidbit to share this semester…..brandienicolesmith@icloud.com.